Most exciting update: My short story, “Triplet,” has been chosen for the anthology 2009 BEST AMERICAN NONREQUIRED READING.  Dave Eggers was the editor, Marjane Satrapi wrote the introduction and various well-known authors wrote stories. Most touching to me was the essay by Jonathan Franzen about David Foster Wallace because I keep a quote by Wallace over my desk: “I believe I want adult sanity, which seems to me the only unalloyed form of heroism available today.” Sometimes you read something that’s true, and I thought that was. The other thing about the anthology that makes it special is that high school students, in this case from Michigan and San Francisco, were involved in the selection process. To think of someone new and fresh responding to my writing is a special joy. “Triplet” was originally published in the on-line literary magazine,

Second update is that THE FICTION CLASS will be discussed by The Literary Lyres Book Club in California on September 30. This is a fabulous and incredibly well organized book club. As part of their program they arrange for a menu that ties in with the book. So for The Fiction Class discussion they’ll be serving  whiskey sour punch, alphabet soup and Vera’s favorite shrimp from P.F. Chang’s. I’ll be talking to them by phone during the meeting (and if anyone would like me to speak at your book club, please contact me at

Also, on October 3, I’ll be taking part in Author’s Day at Various authors will be setting up virtual booths at the eons book gallery site. There will be contests (free copies of The Fiction Class). Also, I’ll be leading a free workshop on how to get started writing. To take part you just have to go to and register, and it’s all free. (They also have a great book club.)